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Stop it, Bud.

June 3, 2014

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Bud Norris has been in a very grumpy mood lately. The former Astros right hander has taken any opportunity to bash his former employer over whatever he feels are legitimate grievances. Earlier in May, he shared his opinions on the direction of the Houston Astros organization in a really well written and compelling article by Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle. In it, Norris says,

They are definitely the outcasts of Major League Baseball right now, and it’s kind of frustrating for everyone else to have to watch it.”

It is frustrating to have to watch a team to lose 100 plus for 3 straight years, but how is that the fault of anyone in the current front office? It’s not as if Jim Crane bought the 1998 Astros and turned it into the 2011-2013 team we all know in one off-season. Jim Crane isn’t running the late 90’s Florida Marlins. He bought chickens**t from Drayton McLane and is about to turn it into Chik-Fil-A. Pure deliciousness.

And outcasts? They do their baseball operations differently from everyone else, yes, but they are hardly outcasts. The Chicago Cubs are in the same boat as the Astros. The Minnesota Twins know what the Astros are going through. You know, that whole “Major league team has barely any major league talent but the farm system is stacked and the future is very bright” thing. The Astros may have lost a lot of games but they can’t be labeled outcasts because they lost a lifetime’s worth of baseball games.

But David Stefan Norris wasn’t finished there. His reaction to another Astros related piece of news had to be heard. He took to Twitter to let out his opinion on Jon Singleton’s new contract.


Seriously, Bud. Are you upset that you won’t have any kind of significant role in this revolutionary rebuilding process anymore? Are you pissed off that you were just a pawn and not a knight or rook or whatever chess metaphor you want to use? The Astros aren’t the only team doing this kind of thing. The Pirates tried it with Gregory Polanco and the Diamondbacks tried it with Archie Bradley. Baseball front offices are doing this all over because its how the game is played now. That union you wanted Singleton to listen to set this up back in 2011 when this current CBA was ratified. That’s who you should really be upset with, not a kid who just got financial security is about to play the game at the highest level it can be played. This is another case of educated businessmen, aka the owners, taking the player’s union to school with a document that features a lot fancy diction and dialogue. The NFL player’s union knows how you feel. Personally, I wouldn’t listen to a union who gets outplayed by old men in suits either.

Yes, Jon Singleton could earn more money in arbitration and eventual free agency if he’s the next Jeff Bagwell. But at the same time, he could also be the next Brett Wallace. If he’s great, then he might have lost an opportunity at even more cash, but he could still earn up to $35 million, which is still more money than you could shake a stick at. But if he busts, then he still gets his $10 million, instead of the minimum $500,000 a minor league call-up usually gets. This is the new way major league front offices will handle top prospects. Dangling financial security and a major league roster spot on a fishing line hoping for a bite. Sounds like a sweet deal, and it really isn’t the worst thing in the world if someone takes it.

So to Bud Norris, quit worrying about the state of the Houston Astros. You were a nice pitcher here during a really rough stretch in Houston baseball. But please, Bud, worry about your ballclub winning your division because that 3-5 record and 4.04 ERA is helping about as little as your opinions of your old team.


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