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Rant: How much football is too much football?

June 4, 2014

Houston is football country, there is no denying that. That’s not what I’m here to state. But in June of 2014, why are we still trying to decipher Andre Johnson’s absence from voluntary workouts and his potential truancy from mandatory OTA’s? Why are the Texans’ non-contact workouts the talk of the town in this specific month? I say this month, June 2014, specifically because this summer isn’t like any other.

Astros Baseball is finally relevant again in Houston. After declining the option on F Chandler Parsons, the Rockets are poised to embark on what looks like a wild free agency period, only one year after winning the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Speaking of basketball,  while the NBA Finals are indeed a rematch of last year, this particular series has a feel of a dramatic grudge match. Houston’s not much of a hockey town, but eyes will be glued to the Stanley Cup Finals, arguably the most dramatic and action packed championship series of the Big Four North American sports. Even Game 7 of the NHL’s Western Conference Finals this past Sunday drew ratings that only Game of Thrones was able to top. And lastly, live from Brazil, the most watched sporting event in the world,  the 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to begin on June 12th, where Brad Davis of your hometown Houston Dynamo is a member of the United States Men’s National Team. Not to mention that the USMNT is grouped with Germany, Ghana, and Portugal, all very strong teams, in what will be this tournament’s Group of Death. 

Are people so oblivious to anything that’s not the NFL that they wait on pins and needles for reports about grown men working out? It gets tiresome having to hear record predictions about a team with an incomplete roster, Andre Johnson’s behavior, and the possible resurgence of injured player’s like Arian Foster and Brian Cushing. “Kareem Jackson loves Romero Crennel’s defense.” Well, let’s throw a parade! I swear Brian Cushing said the same thing about Wade Phillips’s defensive scheme when Son of Bum took over in 2011.

June is packed with a ton of sporting events that will intensify through July. And then in July, real NFL training camps will get underway. I’m certain I’m not the only one who doesn’t care how much money Andre loses from fines of skipping mandatory OTA’s, just as long as he suits up in late July and August, when preseason workouts matter a whole lot more. There’s a whole lot of sports about to go down, and instead we’re talking about a whole lot of nothing happening in the National Football League.


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